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We use Artificial Intelligence to coordinate translators from all over the world and to audit the quality of our translations.

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Why Berba®?

Faster delivery

Deliver 3 times faster thanks to automated collaboration between translators located in 16 different time zones.

Verified quality

Guaranteed, consistent quality thanks to systematic audits between translators.


Personal Project Manager

Our experts manage your project for you from start to finish so you don’t lose time calling and emailing translators.

Coming soon

Live Tracking

Know where your project is during every step of the translation process, all powered by AI. Follow your translations in real time!

They already trust us

Jon T., Developer​


I needed to translate legal documents to Turkish, Hungarian, Greek and Romanian, and I couldn’t find an agency that offered all of these languages. Berba was the perfect solution, and I received all four documents in 2 weeks.

Idoia I., Consultant


I needed a quick translation for a presentation I had the next morning. I got it back in 2 hours. I’m impressed by the speed!

Damian T., Dentist​


I used Berba for my website, and they took the time to understand my vision and translate it into French.

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"Berba offers professional translation in a matter of hours."
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"Quality in every translation."
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"The Amazon Prime of translations."
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"Berba uses the most advanced technological tools to speed up translations."
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About us

Berba was born out of a passion for languages, a deep interest in technology and artificial intelligence, and an eagerness to ease communication across cultures.

Language is a complex tool used by humans, constantly changing and finding creative ways to explain new realities. This is why we believe in people to deliver the best possible translation.

Having worked with all sorts of advanced technology, we also believe in the power of artificial intelligence to craft consistent quality translations in a fraction of the time of traditional methods. At Berba, we have combined the best aspects of human translation and AI to create authentic, natural- sounding translations quickly.

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