What to Consider When Translating Your Website

According to a poll by the European Union, 90 percent of internet users in Europe said they would prefer to visit a website in their own language if given the choice. This shows that translating your corporate website is essential in today’s digital world. Even if your target audience knows and understands the language your site is in, nothing will reach them as quickly and effectively as words in their native language.

If you are looking to translate your website, Berba can get the job done for you as we have been offering fast and best quality translations for several years. Berba is a reputable, experienced and professional translation firm with a history of delivering top-quality translations for the target languages that businesses, both small and big, are looking to communicate in.

Preparing your site — including programming, copy, video, and flash — for a new language is not a small feat. Translating a website that is intended for presentation to international audiences entails a more complex process than merely converting words from one language to the other. However, with the right approach, planning, and execution, your site will reach across borders, motivating your target audience to interact better with your brand.

We will discuss some key factors that you should take into account when translating your webpage or website for overseas countries. Note that this will provide you with a better idea and understanding of what is involved in an effective website translation. 

Your Requirements

One of the most important steps is to understand what sections of your site need to be translated. Do you have any services or products that you do not sell in other countries? If that is the case, it does not make sense to translate these pages. Also, closely look at your news and blog sections. Do those posts really make sense to your audience in other countries? The best way to save money on your website translation projects is only to translate the most important and relevant content.

Language Nuances and Intricacies

It is no secret that languages are very complex. Translating your site from one language, such as English, to another involves a lot more than simply plugging the website text into a free online tool, like Google Translate. Translations usually involve emotions as well as understanding a specific culture and target audience. Machine translation tools have improved considerably over recent years, but they are still behind the unique human capabilities when it comes to understanding languages.

Suitable Pictures and Images

As the visual content, such as images, on sites increase, its cultural relevance is also becoming more important. Companies have to at least review their site’s images for offensive or inappropriate content in order to maintain a professional image. For example, what is acceptable in the UK may not be acceptable in the US.

Keep in mind that your company or products may unknowingly portray negative connotations and this may irritate, annoy, or even offend your viewers. And the use of culturally relevant pictures and images extends beyond merely avoiding offensive ones. Images and pictures are a secondary means of connecting with your audience. If the images on your site relate to your target audience’s culture, it will give the audience more confidence in your site.

Search Engine Optimization

You will likely pay attention to keywords and key phrases to help improve your SEO when you create web content in your native language. You will also have to do the same when you are looking to target an overseas audience. This is because most people perform searches in their native language. When you translate your site, you can’t ignore SEO. Keyword research is equally important if you would like your website to rank highly in a different region. Otherwise, you will not get much traffic.

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If you are looking for an experienced and professional website translation company that has worked with small and large international companies, Berba is a clear choice.

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