Junior Developer – Specialized in API integration and automation

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What we do

Berba is an online platform that allows thousands of native translators to work with the assistance of Artificial Intelligence to translate digital content faster and with better quality.

We are a young, growing team of motivated entrepreneurs ready to take on new challenges. We hail from 4 different countries, have lived in 12, and can speak 7 different languages, so international communication is in our DNA. We want to work with likeminded people who are motivated and passionate about what they do as well.

Your opportunity

We are growing fast, and we need someone to join our Product team. Your job will include integrating various tools using their APIs as well as using software solutions or custom code to automate and streamline processes.

As one of the earlier members of a growing startup, you will be surrounded by fast-paced professionals in one of Bilbao’s most dynamic startup hubs: Innolab.

Your skills

  • Advanced skills in API integration (Experience with Google forms, Formidable, CODA, or other tools would be appreciated)
  • Experience using existing automation tools (like Zapier)
  • Ability to create custom code to integrate and to automate tools
  • Experience with code deployment and supporting tools (jira, github) and automation of unit and integration testing (junit, jenkins, cypress)
  • Knowledge of basic website content management systems (especially WordPress)
  • Good communication skills
  • Proactive approach
  • Strong organisational skills, with the ability to prioritise
  • Analytical and structured problem solving
  • Advanced skills in English

Bonus skills

  • Knowledge of Symfony and/or React
  • Flexibility and willingness to jump into other roles in the company as needed
  • Advanced skills in Spanish

Your role

As a Junior Programmer at Berba, no two days will be the same. You will be asked to come up with solutions for challenges coming from Marketing, Sales and Operations departments. You must be capable of thinking out of the box to develop ways to integrate our tools and improve processes and work on them independently, although your friendly co-workers on the Product team will always be available to help brainstorm, troubleshoot or test. You will be proactive in suggesting new solutions for business challenges and new tools that we can use to improve our processes and technology.

In this role, you will:

  • Integrate various tools, software and code libraries we use (like Hubspot, Holded, Google Suite, CAT Tools, etc.) with our custom app
  • Develop integrations between WordPress (core API and Formidable Pro) and our app and various third-party tools
  • Find and leverage existing tools in the market and code libraries so as not to reinvent the wheel
  • Create new custom solutions to solve business problems using API integrations from various tools (for example, a word counter for websites) and/or custom code
  • QA and test solutions
  • Deploy these solutions to production
  • Use tools like Zapier and develop custom code to automate processes
  • Work with project management team to solve technological problems related to document processing and post-editing (e.g. issues with OCR tools, poor end-document output, etc.)
  • Juggle multiple projects and priorities simultaneously

Most importantly we are looking for somebody with a can-do, problem-solving attitude, who is easy to get on with and has a smile on their face most of the time. We’re a happy and vibrant, close-knit team, and we want anybody who joins us to be of a similar vibe!

Why would you choose us?
  • Because we always hire better people than us.
  • Because this is an opportunity to make a huge impact in the company in just a few months time.
  • Because you won’t find a better place to be challenged and be part of a fun team at the same time.
  • Because we are changing the translation industry and you will be a vital part of it.

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