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The translation is the art of converting written text from one language to another. Translating any form of text is a difficult process that requires a bit of skill and experience on the part of the translator. However, translations for Google Ads entail a greater amount of skill and effort from translators. The translator has to take extra care to carry the brand voice over to another language. This enables the translated ad to deliver an impact on the viewers and fulfills the intention behind the original ad itself.

Why You Should Translate Your Ads to Other Languages

English might be the undisputed Lingua Franca of the world, but it only counts for about 25% of the content on the internet. China and India collectively make up more than a third of the total internet users around the world, and neither of these countries uses English as their primary language of choice.

With the industries of today competing in global markets, you are simply losing out on business if you do not translate your ads to cater to different people. You are effectively throwing in the towel and letting your competitors reap all the profits.

How Translations for Google Ads Differs From Other Translation Jobs

When you consider translations for Google Ads, it is a good idea to think of it as localization rather than translation. This is because the translator is not simply substituting words in one language with similar words from another language. A good translator takes the time to understand your company’s brand and vision. Keeping these in consideration, the translator then begins to convert – or localize – your ad from one language to another. The result is a carefully executed translation that carries over the brand voice and intended effect of the original ad.

Why You Should Not Translate Ads with Free Online Translation Tools

Free online translation tools, such as Google Translate, are a godsend in the 21st century. They allow us to communicate with people from different backgrounds and understand texts in numerous foreign languages. The benefits of having an always-available translator in your pocket are countless – especially more so if you are visiting a foreign country that speaks a language other than your mother tongue.

However, you should never use these tools for important tasks, which require accuracy or careful consideration. These tools can do not guarantee a 100% accurate translation. Even a few wrong words in your translated ad can paint your organization in the wrong light and drive your potential customers away.

Why You Should Choose a Human Translator for Google Ads Translations

When you decide to feed your carefully crafted advertisement content into an online translator, you are throwing away all of the hard work you put into creating the original ad. You should always choose a skilled human translator if you want translations for Google Ads.

Choosing a human translator for translations has three major advantages:

Firstly, a skilled translator can easily produce a translation that is 100% accurate. You do not have to worry about the translator introducing a faux pas in your translated ad, causing embarrassment for your company.

The second advantage is regarding your brand voice. With a talented team of translators, you can have the same brand personality across multiple languages and regions. This increases your company’s perceived trustworthiness in the eyes of the clients, which can lead to greater sales numbers.

The last advantage of using a human translator is that good human translators are culturally aware. The hallmark of a good translator is his  firm cultural understanding of different languages and the people who speak those languages. This allows them to produce translations that effectively convey the intention of the original ad without arising any miscommunication. A good translator delivers your intended message with a carefully worded translation to remove any potential of unintentionally offending members of your target audience.

For these reasons, you should always choose a skilled translator to provide translations for your Google Ads. If you want to hire the services of such a person, choose Berba to connect you with just that individual.

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