📦Amazon Product Translation: Why You Need It

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The 2020s are looking to be the era of global trade.

The expansion of internet access and worldwide shipping in the past decade did much for online shopping. And now, alternative supply chain management methods, such as drop shipping, shot up in popularity. There is no better time to put up your product online on Amazon to reach a wider audience and expand your business.

The Importance of Standing Out Online

However, increasing your reach and selling to a diverse target market is not as simple as just listing your product online. Your product has to stand out amongst the countless other Amazon listings on the internet. Otherwise, no one would even find your product, let alone buy it!

Did you know 56% of customers consider product descriptions in their native language more important than the price of the product? [1] Even if you are selling the same product at a lower price, your competition might snag up all the profits by having product translations on their page. They will boost their Amazon ranking, leaving you behind in the dust.

Therefore, translate your product descriptions to cater to your target audience. You need to do this before you put up your product for sale on Amazon. Some people realize this. However, in order to save a few bucks, they commit the cardinal sin that comes back to haunt them later. They use online tools like Google Translate for translations of their products.

Why You Should Not Use Google Translate for Amazon Listing Translations

No one can argue that Google Translate is a great tool. It can help us understand many pieces of texts that are not in our language. On top of that, it is absolutely free to use! Why then, do we not recommend using it for translating your product descriptions on your Amazon listing?

This is because Google Translate is not always a hundred percent accurate. The accuracy of translations using Google Translate drops drastically, particularly for long texts. Sure, you can use it for casual uses when extreme accuracy of the translation is not vital. However, in more serious instances, there is no substitute for an actual human translator.

For instance, in the cutthroat online market, every little thing counts. Google Translate can drop the ball in this case, leading you to have a lower Amazon ranking than the competition and losing out on the profits. You would be much better off hiring a professional Amazon product list translation service in such a scenario.

The Advantages of Using an Amazon Product List Translation Service

Translators specialized in Amazon listings will not only produce completely accurate translations. They can offer much more to boost your Amazon rankings. They have knowledge and experience of the industry. Hence, they can optimize your Amazon listing to stand out from the competition on the website. They will tailor the content of your product description and optimize it for selling the product on Amazon. With Amazon product optimization, you can improve your Amazon ranking. This way, you can maximize your chances of selling your product to more people.

Thus, hiring such a translation service would not cost you more money as you might think at first. Instead, if you look at the bigger picture, it might end up making you more money at the end of the day. With an optimized listing leading to a wider reach online, you can make exorbitant amounts of money in profits. In fact, with Amazon product optimization, the sky is the limit. You can only limit your profits by reducing your inventory, not your presence on the website!

If you want your listing translated to cater to a wider and more diverse audience, contact Berba today!

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